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Collaborate On Incoming Messages

Use Helpspace’s shared inbox to organize all incoming customer messages in one place for efficient teamwork. Respond to tickets promptly or assign them to specific agents.

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HelpSpace Ticket Overview
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Team Inbox

Pipe all channels into your unified inbox to ensure no message is misplaced or unanswered.

"HelpSpace really has simplified our inbox clutter and streamlined our communication with our clients.”
Sarah H. on Capterra
Ticket Inbound Stream
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Quick Replies

Dealing with repetitive queries? No need to type the same response repeatedly when you can create quick replies to increase your response time and lessen the monotonous workload.

“HelpSpace has helped my business tremendously by simplifying the support process for our customers. With a super simple interface, my employees and contractors know exactly how it works within 5 minutes, reducing the need for platform-specific training."
Michael from Dotslash Studio
Quick Replies
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Team Collaboration

Respond to customer queries from a unified inbox to avoid duplicate or repetitive replies. Special attention required? Assign the ticket to a particular team or agent.

"Many of today's ticketing systems are still too complex with a messy interface. Helpspace is completely the opposite.”
Eric J. on G2
Ticket Assignment
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Integrated Docs

Use your reply editor search bar to look for relevant articles and link to them directly when responding to customers. Quick and simple - just how it should be.

“...The editor is really good and simple to use and offers a great editing experience.”
Lucian from Lucian Design
Docs Search
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Rules and Automation

Personalize your inbox by filtering inbound messages as per specific rules. Assign teams, tags, agents, or direct the customers to self-service sites - whatever works best.

"Helpspace has been a huge add on feature to the support that we offer our hundreds of clients, looking forward to seeing how they use our Help Space area moving forward.”
Jamie S. on Capterra
Ticket Rules
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Internal Notes

Add internal notes to help agents understand the query better and resolve it efficiently and quickly.

“This is what we were looking for with our small team of multi task users.”
Slava D. on Capterra
Ticket Notes
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Send Later

Write responses and schedule them to be sent at a specific date and time.

"I highly recommend it if you are looking for a simple ticket system. It has really helped me organize my agency's support system much better.”
Gerardo M. on Capterra
Ticket Send Later

Canned Responses

Reduce your workload and response time while simultaneously increasing customer happiness by using quick replies.


Assign specific tickets to team members who understand them best.


Group related tickets under tags to report, monitor, and analyze easily.

Help Articles

Link help articles directly from your reply editor without leaving the page.

Rules and Automation

Automate workflows and set specific rules to assign, tag, and route tickets.


Leverage your unified inbox to pipe multiple channels and visualize them all in one place.


Teams have their own inbox so they won’t be distracted by unassigned tickets.


There are 5 status options to choose from.

Merge Tickets

Merge tickets if they belong together.

Bring Order To Your Customer Communication

Track multichannel customer requests, automate workflows, direct customers to the self-service portal, and keep your team on the same page with HelpSpace. Start your free trial today to become popular with your customers.

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