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Can you make me an offer?
Todd Dixon
I love your work and I was wondering if you could make me an offer?
3 minutes ago
I have a feature request!
Bonnie Andrews
This is going to blow your mind! I have some great ideas for you!
17 minutes ago
I have a pre-sales question!
Allan Pena
Do you offer discounts for founders and entrepreneurs?
1 day ago
I think I have found a bug...
Marvin Harrison
Thank you for reporting this bug to us. We will investigate on this.
2 days ago

Reply Quickly And Efficiently

Change the status, assign an agent or just instantly reply to a ticket.

I have a pre-sales question!
17 minutes ago


1 Attachment
68.21 kB
Stanley Arnold
Replied less then 1 minute ago

Hello Allan,

yes we have a special offer for you!

You can find it in the attached pdf.

1 Attachments
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Allan Pena
Created 17 minutes ago

Dear Support Team,

Do you offer a discount for founders and entrepreneurs? If yes, can you please send me a quote?

Thanks and best regards,

Self-Service Sites

Setup your content with HelpSpace. Multiple self-service sites in various styles: Blog, HelpCenter, Documentation

Self-Service Articles

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Unlimited Customers

You can have as many tickets and customers as you like.

Multiple Channels

Your inbox can receive messages from up to 5 channels in our Pro plan.

Intuitive Interface

The interface is clean, simple, and very easy to use.

Get Started In Minutes

We made the onboarding process really easy and straightforward in order to get you up and running in no time.


Articles will help your customers to resolve their issues and prevent tickets from being opened about known questions.

Coming 2021Ticket Tasks

Create tasks right from a ticket so you know exactly what to do to resolve the issue.

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