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DIY Customers

Let customers resolve queries themselves by using our three docs options: Help-Center, Documentation, and Blog.

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Docs Help-Center

Multiple styles For Every Case

Work with different Docs themes to cater to every user’s needs.

...the idea of having different themes for the Docs feature is brilliant.
Gaurabh M. on Capterra
HelpSpace Docs - Help-Center Style HelpSpace Docs - Documentation Style HelpSpace Docs - Blog Style

Fully Customizable

Want to appear unique and impressionable? Match the Docs colors to your brand theme or spice things up with advanced CSS customizations.

"I can create knowledge base using my own domain and choose from 3 styles (blog, documentation or Help-Center) - it is fast loading too!”
Seth G. on Capterra
Docs Customizations

No-Nonsense Editor

Our Docs editor has all you need to curate a helpful text -nothing less, nothing more. Use your desired options to create a matter-of-fact post for your customers.

“I love the product's simplicity and at the same time doing everything for us. They have a great team, they're really helpful and fast. The product is beautiful. There is a combination here, it has the functionality you need.”
Volkan O. on Capterra
HelpSpace Docs Editor

Custom Domains

Fancy a personalized experience? Use your own, unique domain.


Divide your articles into categories, making them accessible and easy to find.


Create tags and classify related articles to make them easily discoverable by your team and customers.

Embed Stuff

Embed HTML, iFrames, and videos to make your articles media-rich and informative.


All Docs styles are fully responsive on mobile phones and tablets.


Let your customers search for relevant topics with the quick and accurate search bar.

Internal Docs

Create member-only Docs for your team to make collaborative tasks a success.

Article Rating

Monitor the usefulness of an article by checking its rating.


Reply to a ticket by sending the relevant self-service article directly to your customers for detailed information.

Organize Your Knowledge Base

Reduce your tickets and enhance customer satisfaction by offering ready-made solutions.
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