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A well-rounded customer service tool that you and your customers will love! Benefit from team inbox, task management, intuitive interface, self-service sites, and multiple inbound channels to get a competitive edge in your market.

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Streamline Your Team and Customer Service with HelpSpace's Comprehensive Solution

Empower your team and enhance customer experience with HelpSpace
advanced ticketing, collaboration, integrations, self-service sites and more.

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Trusted by Awesome Organizations and Teams

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Our User Feedback

Here's what some of our awesome users say about HelpSpace.

  • "HelpSpace has worked beautifully for all my customer support needs on ZipMessage. It has the best knowledge base editor and presentation out there. The in-app help widget integrates perfectly. And managing the support inbox is a breeze. Plus, their speed and responsiveness on shipping constant improvements is a breath of fresh air!"
    Brian Casel
    Founder of ZipMessage
  • "Many of today's ticketing systems are still too complex with a messy interface. Helpspace is completely the opposite. Helpspace has just what it takes. It appears that the new features are well thought out and useful..."
    Eric J.
    5 stars
  • "HelpSpace is an excellent all-in-one solution that will handle all of your customer support infrastructure needs in one place! From reconciling all of your company's support emails in one inbox, to creating, hosting help centers and technical document hubs. Plus generate fantastic widgets that you can place on your website to make your support process seamless. We switched from Help Scout to HelpSpace and couldn`t be happier!..."
    Max W.
    CFO in Kanada
    5 stars
  • "Customer support is great. Software is very simple to use, you can connect with emails in a minute. It's very intuitive and simple."
    Slava D.
    President Director in Indonesia
    5 stars
  • "HelpSpace has been amazing to use so far. It is really easy to set up and navigate. It has a very user friendly user interface and so far I've found zero bugs. I really like the ticketing system and in particular that when you respond to a ticket HelpSpace automatically marks the ticket as "waiting". I'm really happy with the design options that let you match your brand on your hosted help site. The doc editor is great and bug free as well. The ticket rules are really powerful as well."
    Clayton C.
    Founder in USA
    5 stars
  • "Helpspace has been a huge add on feature to the support that we offer our hundreds of clients, looking forward to seeing how they use our Help Space area moving forward."
    Jamie S.
    Helping Marketers in Australia
    5 stars
  • "This solves one big issue we had before which is how to consolidate every single support channel under one place. Issues are sent and addressed to the correct team, the site for a knowledge base functionality is a must and it correlates with the agent taking the cases!"
    Diogo C.
    Founder / Engineer
    5 stars
  • "...HelpSpace is the only tool out there (afaik) that combines simplicity with a really great UI to give your team a really amazing UX. My team has mentioned a noticeable increase in speed of operation - because they intuitively find the right button to click and the platform also loads amazingly fast."
    Mario K.
    Marketing and Advertising
    5 stars
  • "HelpSpace really has simplified our inbox clutter and streamlined our communication with our clients. It's easy to use interface makes it simple for our team to collaborate and assign tickets so we don't double up on any responses."
    Sarah H.
    Staffing and Recruiting
    5 stars
  • "Helpspace is a very well thought out product. Every feature is there for a reason and there is nothing that shouldn't be. This tells me that the team behind Helpspace has got a keen understanding of what I want as a user of the product. That said, they have also managed to provide flexibility and options where you need it, for example the idea of having different themes for the Docs feature is brilliant. What's even better is that they ensure that all their features work well together, such as the ticketing feature working with the Docs feature."
    Gaurabh M.
    Chief Product Officer in USA
    5 stars
  • "The way HelpSpace is laid out makes it very easy to understand. You can get to the section where you want to go in only a few clicks. I am able to use my own email and logo. I can create knowledge base using my own domain and choose from 3 styles (blog, documentation or Help-Center) - it is fast loading too! The analytics feature really gives a whole picture of how your support service is doing - no ticket falls through the cracks. The features are too many to mention but they are all super useful."
    Seth G.
    RCIC in UK
    5 stars
  • "I love the product's simplicity and at the same time doing everything for us. They have a great team, they're really helpful and fast. The product is beautiful. There is a combination here, it has the functionality you need."
    Volkan O.
    Founder in Turkey
    5 stars
  • "Everything is self explanatory and exactly where it should be. Design is a big part of my business model and HelpSpace Client side interface is beautiful to look at and easy to navigate which fits perfectly to my brand. "
    Vivek G.
    5 stars
  • "I've been using Helpspace for a few months now and it's the best ticketing system I've ever tried. I really love it. It has the necessary functionalities to fit perfectly into my agency's workflow. There are too many tools out there, with too many features that complicate adoption and use. Helpspace is perfectly developed, without bugs. The UX UI is very well taken care of, being clear and clean. It is a simple but fast and effective software."
    Gerardo M.
    Company Owner in Mexiko
    5 stars
  • "Helpspace is simple to use, does the job and has some fine features that absolutely add value (knowledge base works well). For the price you pay, you get a good amount of software."
    Etienne B.
    Co-owner in Niederlande
    5 stars
  • "Multiple channels in one place to filter and guide topic related questions and always keep track. • Knowledge base and E-Documentation feature • Fast platform and reliable and efficient workflows • All you need to kickstart your business without wasting time in learning or clicking"
    Mario K.
    Full-Service Design & Marketing-Agentur
    5 stars
  • "The setup process was step by step, and it was very helpful to see what is wrong with email setup. The product itself is very easy to use, intuitive and has a very clean UX. At the same time, it offers a lot of options like: - documentation web site - contact widget integrated with documentation - Rules to assign an agent, add a tag, or set status automatically I would recommend this tool for any startup or saas company."
    Ivan Đ.
    Developer in Serbia
    5 stars
  • "Everything is easy to setup. From users to workspace to agents. The widget is easy to customise. For me this solution is so easy and powerfull that i is now my favourite solution to offer support to my clients."
    Eric B.
    Founder in France
    5 stars

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